According to Roland Barthes the bandeau
is the dot 2008, 118 x 100 cm (47,2 x 40 in.)

"Straightforward delivery. Blood, sweat and tears. Life and Death. Sex. Caresses and humanity. Portraits and philosophy. Science and Supergalaxies on the prowl. Roland Barthes´detalits in the unswept hair, the hand that caresses a bare shoulder, freckles. Film stills. Freaks. Teenage dreams. Boxing matches. Intimate Pop-Art "

In person Henriette Brun´s large watercolors are direct snapshots of all that occupies her visually in her everyday life. They are pure paintings of color, sensuality and beauty. Banal, yet attentive. Paintings without frills - direct, stimulating and intimate. Women of this new century full of drive, edginess, sexuality. Feminine versus the masculine.
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Roxanne 2008, 138 x 100 cm.
(55,2 x 40 in.)

Twins 2007, 73,5 x 89,5 cm.
(29,4 x 35,8 in.)

Andreas II 2008, 94,5 x 140,5 cm.
(37,8 x 56,2 in.)

Golden girl 2008, 88,5 x 90,3 cm.
(35,4 x 36,1 in.)
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